The Party System

In Ys: Memories of Celceta, players will form a party of up to three characters, one of whom is controlled directly while the others are controlled by AI. The player-controlled character can be instantly changed with a simple button press, allowing you to switch from one attack type to another at a moment's notice.

Attack Types

Each of the characters in Adol’s party has an attack type -- slash, strike or pierce -- which determines how much damage will be dealt to different varieties of enemies. Most enemies in the game are weak to one of the three attack types, while resisting damage from another. Players will need to switch characters regularly during combat to deal with these foes effectively.


Slash attacks are performed with sharp weapons such as swords or halberds. These attacks are particularly effective against soft-bodied enemies, but tend to bounce right off of armored or shelled foes.


Strike attacks damage the enemy with blunt weapons such as gauntlets or maces. These attacks are particularly effective against armored or shelled enemies, but tend to miss or do minimal damage to soft-bodied foes.


Pierce attacks damage the enemy from a distance. While piercing implements generally deal less damage than slash- or strike-type weapons, they are particularly effective against nimble or flying foes.