Unique Actions

Each character in the party has a Unique Action, which only he or she can use. This Action is performed by pressing the triangle button or tapping the indicated area on the screen when a white targeting circle appears. Unique Actions can be used to open up new areas of the Great Forest to explore, recover Adol’s lost memories, or even gain rare and unique items from locked chests.


Adol´s Unique Action allows him to regain his lost memories by touching orbs of light scattered throughout the Great Forest. Resting at a camp marks the locations of nearby memory orbs on the Map of Celceta.


Duren’s Unique Action allows him to open locked chests by kicking them. Locked chests usually contain rare and powerful items.


Karna’s Unique Action allows her to use her knives to slice through distant objects, opening up new paths through the Great Forest and its many dungeons.


Ozma’s Unique Action allows him to strike cracked walls or damaged objects with his spear in order to destroy them (though it only works underwater!).


Calilica’s Unique Action allows her to activate specially-sealed switches and other mechanical devices, resulting in a variety of environmental effects (some good, some bad).


Frieda’s Unique Action allows her to dissipate gaseous build-ups out in the forest, clearing a safe passage for further exploration.